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Original Watercolour Commission


I can create any type of water-coloured commission you require in my own style of your family, friends or pets.

I use only watercolour paints and a fine liner pen to create the pictures based off photos of the individuals. They are highly personalised and a beautiful gift for any family, friend or yourself.

I can create small animal commissions or larger family commissions designed with you in mind. I just need a few photos and any clear items you wish the pet or family members to have/ wear.

I will draft an image in pencil and let you see that before I start adding colour with watercolour paints. Once you've placed the order please then send over the photos/ details to myself at watercolourbynicole@gmail.com.

I can turn around a piece of art usually within two weeks but you can check first by emailing me to ensure I haven't got a longer waiting time.

Please note there is no return on this item once its been painted.

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